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KO BIDET (new invention) is the ideal bidet. Thank to its thin VERTICAL water jet: 1. It is 100% effective, so 2. it aboliishes the toilet paper and the non aesthetic up to disgusting to many wiping. 3. It renders useless, for its microbe harboring, the

dangerous warm water .4.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around. 5.It is sanitary for women, as its water jet doesn’t push filthy water to their genitalia. 6.The cleaning up lasts only 15 sec.7. It is the only one that it can be used with toilet risers and wheelchairs with a pot. ALSO is easily installed, as It just is sticked on the bowl of any type. Only 3 the steps while using it.Never leaks. 44 euro.5 ys guarantee and free spares for ever. We look for distributors    blog: bidets-americans.com 




85 advantages, due to VERTICAL WATER JET

85 advantages, due to VERTICAL WATER JET

It cleans the area of the anus through the vertical water jet






There are three basic types.1.The ADD ON type, with many sub types.  2. The WASHLET HAND HELD type.  3. THE STANDALONE  type


. The ADD ON types are the newer ones, have many subtypes, and interesting different characteristics. They are known also as combined bidets, or attachable bidets. They don’t need any space, as they are fixed to the existent toilets. The water jet is produced inside the toilet bowl. They are divided mainly :

          a. Those producing more or less oblique water jet , fixed at the middle of back toilet rim or  the bowl lid They can be mechanically or electronically controlled. The flash tube is either fixed and stable or moving forwards and backwards, in and out, so the jet is less or more oblique. The electronic types  work with electric current, or by batteries and  are embodied in the toilet lid and have always moving flash tube. They can warm the  cold water stream passing through them and may supply warm air for drying up. Some of them are remotely controlled.

         b. Those producing exactly vertical water jet : cold or hot, depending on their connection with cold or warm water supply. The apparatus is attached at the side rim, or the cover lids at their side.  The flash tube, at no use position, lies along and under the side, right or left, toilet rim. Always mechanically controlled.  At present time these types are very few..                                                                               









We, the millions of candidate victims of Acquired  Hospital 
 Infections, or Urinary  Tract or other infections, are anxious 
about  the  verdict of the now (?) ongoing research project by
 Health World Institutes, about this critical question.
 When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is 
incomplete. A feces layer, full of dangerous microbes remains,
 which soon IS DRIED out and VAPORIZED, so these microbes 
overwhelm the near organs, especially in females (one to
 two women is having U.T. infection. The same and worse
 it applies to hospitals, where  in-hospital infections
 are not uncommon. It is imperative for Health 
Services and medical staff to give a quick and clear
 answer to the above question. It is easy I think,
 for a Health Institute, in a laboratory to count
 the microbes number in a place, room or house, when
 the toilet paper is used, and when a good 100% 
effective bidet.
This answer will enable us to face microbes more
 effectively at their SOURCE. Otherwise they could
 be blamed for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE” .






1. It cleans a 100%  the anus area thanks to its vertical water jet.
2. In cases of hemorrhoids, maximum cleanliness  helps preventing or even curing them.
3. It helps in cleanling up disabled or elderly, even those who are unable to to get out of their wheelchair.
4. It Relieves attendants, as it renders unecessary for them to do the wiping out after defecation.
5. It prevents transfering of germs and so it reduces urinary infections especially  on women.
6. Useful for pregnant women, who often develop hemorrhoids.
7. Useful in women after natural child birth, where wounds after delivery cause severe pain during wiping and the risk of infection is high.

8. The same it applies in cases of surgery on the anal area

9. It is useful in diarroia as it reduces topical irritation.
10. Also in constipation, as it facilitates defecation.
11. Good local cleaning reduces the itching due to allergy caused by dirt.
12.The water does not cause allergies, as paper may do.
13. It reduces the unpleasant smell in the room because there are no soiled papers and the whole process is much faster.
14. It Improves the aesthetics of the area.
15. It Improves aesthetics in the ritual of defecation.

16.With  KO BIDET use of paper is much dimininished, or entirely stopped, as the 100% effectiveness makes it possible to use special towel. On the other hand the exact "targetting" makes it possible to reduce the water amount needed, and if we wait for about 50 seconds, so for the water drops to fall down, the wiping could be unnecessary. That reduces the anxiety of not havig t.paper.

17. Amortisation of acquisition cost in 1-2 months ..

8. It's of so low cost..
19. It is ecologic. 27,000 trees are cut daily for the production of paper WC. Using it we contribute to prevent climate change.
20.The toilet paper according to serious studies may pose serious risks to children and adults. (See below)


6. ADVANTAGES OVER OLD KNOWN standalone bidet type.
1.The separate bidet cannot be used in wheelchairs or people using elevated basin, mainly on reason of space.
2. After use,on old bidet theer are faecal residues which have to be cleaned. In the case of KO BIDET cleaning is done in parallel by the water cascade.
3.The KO BIDET does not require separate place.
4. Also there not need for man to move from the basin to the bidet. For some this is very difficult or impossible.
5. It can be carried on trips, holidays etc.
6.In comparison very low cost.


25 advantages over TURKISH bidet.
1. The jet tube is fixed in the middle basin, soit can be spoiled by feces.
2. water comes in horizontal direction and cleaning is incomplete. Thus the use of the hand are indispensable. For people with mobility problems even that can be difficult or impossible.
3.The use of hands irritates hemorrhoids.
4. In newer forms that do not get dirty as easily, water comes out again nearly horizontally, so the use of hands is again needed.

Inevitably, because of water jet direction, has the below-mentioned  18 disadvantages of oblque jet type bidets.
5.It needs a special basin.
6. It can not apply to people in a wheelchair, or a raised basin.
7. It can't be carried out on trips, holidays etc.

19 ADVANTAGES  over bidet attachments producing oblique water jet.

Because of the oblique water jet:

1. Cleansing up in general, but specially when there are hemorrhoids is not as good.

2. Persons with mobility problems are not cleaned up well.

3. They can not used in persons on wheel chairs.

4. Not either in cases of heghtened basins.

5. Their aplication needs to disassable and assample basin;s cover.

6. they can't fit to all kinds of basins.

7.Some of them are very expensive.

8.Some function with electric current.

9.Once threy are put on basin it is impossible for it, to be clean up under them.

10.They in a most obvious place  and very liable to get spoiled.

11.Because of their complexity are liable to damage.

12. Repairing any damage  means disassembling and assempling again the cover.

13. They can't target well, so are not useful in  after childbith and postoperative in anus area cases.

14.They function  with buttons. Imagine the situation, if there are children around, who  play with them.

15.Oblique jet can wet user's clothes.

16. AS cleaning up is not 100%, use of paper can't be reduced.  

17. They are no portable and can't be carried out in trips etc.

18. KO BIDET: Its restricted target area prevents cold water to get spilled around and so its inpact is negligible and not felt.( think of your finger compared with the whole hand, put in cold water).

19.. This one is of outmost importance for women.They, because of anatomical reasons are in danger theier genitalia to get spoiled  and get infected by the spilled around water intermingled with feces and their microbes.This is the result of the action of  oblique or even vertical water jets splasshing on annus area. With the KO BIDET, thanks to its special flash nozzle the jet direction ca be arrangede to have the opposite direction , from forwards to backwards. So no case whatsoever of genitalia geting spoiled, coul ever ejist. or infection




12 ADVANTAGES over other bidet attachments producing vertical water jet.

1.The jet is vertical, but their over all bulk volume is large. Hence:
2. They can't be used  combined with a wheelchair for people with svere disabilities.
3.They are expensive.
4. For assebling it, it may be required to dismantle the basin's cover.

5. Because of their complexity some are vulnerable. (Compare the guarantee period).
6.The correction of any damage means dismantling the basin and of  course that means more expences.
7. Some can cause scratching of the basin.
8. they do not fit to all types of basins.
9. Again with a child's interventionen could  a mess becaused.
10. After placement, no basin's clean up can be done under them.
11. Their placement may require some drilling.
12. they can't be carried out on trips, holidays, etc.




9 ADVANTAGES over mini shower bidets.

1. Installation requires pinched tiles for attachment.
2. The use requires agility. So they are unsuitable for sluggish or with disabilities  people, elders,  women who have recently given birth. Even healthy people can  get back problems because of posture.
3.They can't apply to people in a wheelchair.
4. They don't have "target capacity", so often cause clothe weting.
5. They cause high water diffusion, and therefore, much paper to dry.
6.No complete purification of anus, due to incomplete "targeting" is possible.
7. User's hands may be soiled by dirt.
8. Due to difficulties in handling them it requires practice, and even with young people.
9. It is almost impossible, or at least more difficult to be used by men.