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KO BIDET (new invention) is the ideal bidet. Thank to its thin VERTICAL water jet: 1. It is 100% effective, so 2. it aboliishes the toilet paper and the non aesthetic up to disgusting to many wiping. 3. It renders useless, for its microbe harboring, the

dangerous warm water .4.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around. 5.It is sanitary for women, as its water jet doesn’t push filthy water to their genitalia. 6.The cleaning up lasts only 15 sec.7. It is the only one that it can be used with toilet risers and wheelchairs with a pot. ALSO is easily installed, as It just is sticked on the bowl of any type. Only 3 the steps while using it.Never leaks. 44 euro.5 ys guarantee and free spares for ever. We look for distributors    blog: bidets-americans.com 



























 Fig.F. The  apparatus as it is seen from inside with the cap lowered.
The hydraulic components.














Fig. G.  The apparatus as seen from outside with the lid up.
         fig.O The wire hook inserted.
Fig. Q


fig.Q   Stabilization




   Installation instructions.


Τhere are two stages in the proccess  of installation:                                                                                                                                                                       A.  Intsallment of apparatus itself, fig.A, C, E, F, G, O, Q

                                 B.    . Its connection with the mains, fig. F.



                            A.     The apparatus installment. The three steps to it. 


     1.   The apparatus sits, saddle like, on bowl's RIGHT rim (as we are sitting on the bowl), fig. F, fig. G, at  the same way as a usual disinfectant. Thanks to its aluminum frame, it can be adjusted to rim’s shape at the position that suits us. The best distance of flash nozzle, when at function position, from the middle   of back rim is between 8 and 14 cm . Wire hook 13,  is inserted in one of bow's rim holes, fig. O, or in the canal (if there aren't holes). 

                2. fig. Q shows how we stabilise further the apparatus, by using cellophane straps.   

Our aim is to stabilise apparatus in a position that elastic curve 29 moves freely  and nozzle wand 27 moves freely again and horizontally, not hinderd by bowl's wall, when we pull the plastic thread.

We care lid's pad not to coincide with app. Final stabilisation is offered by toilet lip.We NEVER use app. with the lid up.    


        .  3.   On the external surface of toilet bowl, fig. C, G, Q, at the end of athread, 30,, there is a small plastic cone covered with a female piece of velkrome and accordingly a male one, which  we stick on bowl’s surface in such a place so, when we pull cone and stick it, the metal tube 27,  emerges at about the center inside the bowl, always at the same point.


  To regulate water’s jet  on every day’s use, we use ONLY valve 41, fig. F, which we open up  gradually in case tubinng is blocked.


* Elastic tube 18, fig. D  and the plastic tube must, before turning ON the walve 41, are carefully chcked that are not pressed or blocked by anything, or curved abruptly in a narrow angle.  BLOWING AIR on their ends is usefull to this check. .



  1. Connecting  with  house mains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1.      Fig. F shows shows the plumping parts and the way they are connected with.  It is the  way we recommend .This  prevents for life any  case of possible water leak.


 2.. The quick way: We just take off the shower head and in its place srew up the valve 41, . Thanks to this way of connection, it is possible to have cold or hot water, or to use the apparatus on our holidays and  trips..                                       




HOW TO USE IT (see video).
1.  After defecation we  the plastic thread. and  stick the male velkro on the female piece, fig///////// Aluminum Tube comes out, at basin's center.   
  2. We open slowly the water valve 41.The washing jett is produced, .           3. We let free the plastic thread., after turning off water valve.  Nozzle wand returns to standby position.