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KO BIDET (new invention) is the ideal bidet. Thank to its thin VERTICAL water jet: 1. It is 100% effective, so 2. it aboliishes the toilet paper and the non aesthetic up to disgusting to many wiping. 3. It renders useless, for its microbe harboring, the

dangerous warm water .4.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around. 5.It is sanitary for women, as its water jet doesn’t push filthy water to their genitalia. 6.The cleaning up lasts only 15 sec.7. It is the only one that it can be used with toilet risers and wheelchairs with a pot. ALSO is easily installed, as It just is sticked on the bowl of any type. Only 3 the steps while using it.Never leaks. 44 euro.5 ys guarantee and free spares for ever. We look for distributors    blog: bidets-americans.com 





We are located in Vas. Portable 2 Postcode 50100 KOZANI MACEDONIA. Feel free to contact us by submitting the form.


You can contact us by phone ( 24610 30338  Mob: 6932730227 

We recommend that communication be made by email  zikonto@hotmail.com  We will be happy to respond in 2-3 days.

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