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KO BIDET (new invention) is the ideal bidet. Thank to its thin VERTICAL water jet: 1. It is 100% effective, so 2. it aboliishes the toilet paper and the non aesthetic up to disgusting to many wiping. 3. It renders useless, for its microbe harboring, the

dangerous warm water .4.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around. 5.It is sanitary for women, as its water jet doesn’t push filthy water to their genitalia. 6.The cleaning up lasts only 15 sec.7. It is the only one that it can be used with toilet risers and wheelchairs with a pot. ALSO is easily installed, as It just is sticked on the bowl of any type. Only 3 the steps while using it.Never leaks. 44 euro.5 ys guarantee and free spares for ever. We look for distributors    blog: bidets-americans.com 




KO BIDET Toilet attacchment- non electrical bidet.




STOP DISPERSING DANGEROUS MICROBES. ABOLISH T.PAPER. NEW FACTS ABOUT IT. Why Uinary tract infection affects mainly the women? The reason is simple. In women external urinary organs are, unlike men, altogether open to microbe transference from anus to them.

For those USING TOILET PAPER for wiping, or even wet paper, the cleaning is not good. The remaining shit is quickly DRIED UP, and through vaporization, is transferred to near organs and of course to all of our home. A bath after pooping is far better, but still microbes could be transferred through the water. An about analogous side effect of t. paper use is the great number of microbes in public toilets, where the remaining feces on the t. paper pieces are dissipated through vaporization, to all around objects. It is at least strange that this parameter had not been examined in a scientific way up to now. This factor probably is also related with in hospital infections.

The solution IS ABOLISHMENT or restriction of toilet paper. This is feasible thanks to the new, generation of bidets like KO BIDET, with VERTICAL water jet, with no water dissipation and 100% effectivity. email zikonto@hotmail.com



   Why this disease affects mainly the women? The reason is simple. In women external urinary organs are, unlike men, altogether open to microbe transference from anus to them. For those using toilet paper for wiping, or even wet paper, the cleaning is not good. The remaining layer of feces is quickly dried up, and through vaporization, fecal  E. Coli are transferred to near organs, το toile surfaces and subjects and finally to the whole house..                                                                                           

A bath is far better, but still microbes could be transferred through the water. Another way of contamination is through intercourse.                                  

THE SOLUTION IS THE KO BIDET. With its single, strong, but adjustable, VERTICAL, water jet, is 100% effective for women and men, ABOLISHES T. PAPER, eliminates microbes at theier source cuts the vicious circle, and gives the chance for medication to act on microbes lastingly.

Revolutionary new patent bidet usefull for everybody who wants to be and feel clean and especially for the elderly, disabled, blind, autistics, or suffering from colitis, hemorrhoids.

“We can put a man on the moon but we can’t  clean properly our butts"  .





Now with the KO BIDET they and all of us don’t need to know. Thanks to its single, strong (but adjustable), VERTICAL, water jet, its effectiveness reaches to 100% , so everybody and the blinds are sure about 




 Comparing bidet types. Know what nobody tells you about it.  

                          Α. WHEN USING THE KO BIDET.

1.  Health safety. The only understandable argument made by those insisting οn toilet paper use is: As regards public toilets, or toilets being used by other family members as well, when they use dry or wet t. paper, they are sure about sanitation, while with bidets, they have serious and understandable fears. KO BIDET has an answer to alleviate their fears and that is: we are able to wash and disinfect easily the nozzle spout at will (see site video).

2.  Using  t. paper leaves a thin feces layer, that soon is dried up, vaporized and spread around to urinary organs, especially in women, due to anatomical reasons. That explains why urinary tract infections are so often in women. KO BIDET with its single, strong, but adjustable, VERTICAL water jet,  which does not push filthy water forwards, it may reduce almost to zero in the anus area of women and men and generally in toilet room and so eliminate URINARY TRUCT INFECTIONS.

  1. Thanks to its absolute VERTICAL, single, strong but adjustable jet, is 100% and incomparably effective, even in hemorrhoid or hair presence.
  2.  Jet water targeting is stable. Water is not spread and is of the least amount needed.  As a result, coldness feeling is negligible. For the same reason drying by paper or towel could be avoided. That last reason could lead to total avoidance of paper, which could be very useful for PUBLIC TOILETS, where t. paper is causing, as we know, big problems.                                                                                                     
  3. In a family, men, women, children, elderly, can use the same apparatus, as disinfection by each one is easy and simple. For the same reason this apparatus is ideal for public toilets, hotels, hospitals etc.
  4. It is the only one that could be combined with toilet risers or wheelchairs with a pot.
  5. Installment is done without tools, in 2-3’.                                                                                                     Use is simple, (3 steps).                                                                                                                                  
  6. It reduces Tom Pipers chances to enjoy their “job”.
  7. It never leaks.
  8. Children curiosity can’t do any harm.
  9. It is not electric.
  10. It is very cheap,  free spare parts.     



  1.  You need at the end to clean with your hands the basin from the scattered shit pieces.
  2. You  may need to use hands to clean yourself
  3. You take awkward sit position.
  4. You of course need space, with cloths down to walk from toilet to basin, spent more time.
  5. Spent a lot of water and need t. paper, or a towel.
  6. It is non sanitary, specially if it is going to be used by other persons also.


  1. You have to be versatile and healthy.
  2. You could suddenly get a back dislocation, while trying for your best position.
  3. You, if a man, could hurt your testicles.
  4. You, if a woman, may get filthy water to your genitalia.
  5. Your anus cleaning could be inefficient, as jet targeting may be bad.
  6. You may have your clothes wet, or the area around splashed with water.
  7. Your hand often is contaminated by watered shit.
  8. Not other family member could use it, as it touches user’s body.


  1. You have to dismantle your toilet in order to install it.
  2. The water jet is very oblique, so, cleaning is ineffective, particularly if there are hemorrhoids or the anus region is hairy.
  3. Filthy water could be pushed to women genitalia.
  4. Clothe wetting or water splashing around could happen.
  5. Your or others pee in large amounts is directed toward it.
  6. It can be spoiled by feces.
  7. No cleaning of toilet under it is possible.
  8. It can’t be used in toilet risers, or wheelchairs with pot.



1.  They are expensive. You have to change the toilet cover.

2. The water jet remains oblique, though not as much as before, so cleaning again is not so effective, particularly in hemorrhoids, or many hairs and filthy water could be pushed toward women genitalia.

3.  Their complexity makes them vulnerable. That is maybe why their guarantee time is not long.

4. If they are battery fed, you have to take care about it. If connected to electric mains, you would have to be careful in cleaning the toilet with water and installation becomes more difficult.

5. Warm water could harbor dangerous microbes.(see: Wikipedia).

6. They can’t be used in toilet risers, or wheelchairs with pot.

7. They usually don’t have regulatory mechanism to reduce water jet impact.







THE STAGES OF EVOLUTION IN TOILET BIDETS .                                                                                                                                                                                             *  At first there was the Turkish bidet type. Its big disadvantage is the need of hand use.

* Changing from toilet paper use to standalone bidets and cleaning by water it was the first stage. Their disadvantages are that they spent time and space, are expensive, with sanitary problems, if were to be  used by more people and the worse, they need to be cleaned afterward by each user. For these reasons their use was not wide.

* The third Is the development of the add-on bidets with more or less oblique water jets that spring from behind and back part of the toilets. Their main disadvantages are  reduced effectiveness, due to obliqueness of  jet, their complexity and for same reason their expensiveness and vulnerability. A further drawback is a serious sanitary implication: (J UOEH. 2014 Jun 1;36(2):135-9. A survey on bacterial contamination of lavage water in electric warm-water lavage toilet seats and of the gluteal cleft after lavage.Katano H1Yokoyama K) For those reasons  many may had thought they were not appropriate for them. Finally again their use seems not to be wide.

 * The fourth one is the  KO BIDET and some others, with VERTICAL jet , 100% effective, easily disinfected by each user and 100% sanitary.. Specially the KO BIDET is the only one able to be combined with toilet risers or wheelchairs, easily used and installed in 2-3 min, durable and, very importantly, very cheap (34 euros). Also as being able to be used in public toilets, hotels, hospitals etc and in parallel with its distinct ability to cancel out altogether toilet paper use,  it changes the whole picture of those public places.  








KO BIDET(new invention) is the ideal bidet because:

  1. It abolishes toilet paper, even the  DRYING BY towel, thanks to its THIN-VERTICAL water jet.
  2. It is 100% effective (essential to hemorrhoids)  thanks to its VERTICAL water jet.
  3. It renders the dangerous, for microbe harboring, warm water useless thanks to its THIN-VERTICAL water jet.  
  4. It never wets cloths, or does not  splash around,  thank to its THIN-VERTICAL water jet .
  5. It is sanitary for women, as its VERTICAL water jet doesn’t push filthy water to their genitalia..
  6. The cleaning up lasts only 15 sec.
  7. Easily installed, as It just sticks on the bowl of any type.
  8.  Only 3 the steps in using it.
  9. It is the only one that can be used with raised toilets and wheelchairs with a pot.
  10. It would never leak.
  11. It could be installed in public toilets, and at home use when there are other users as well, as its disinfection could be done in 2 sec by each user.
  12. It is very cheap
  13. Small children can't intervene.
  14. It offers 5 ys guarantee and free spares.


                              ALL  BIDETS  ARE NOT THE  SAME



   For dignity, comfort, economy, health. For people wanting to be and feel clean and the handicapped.  Special for hemorrhoids, colitis, arthritis, obesity, autism .


  1. You .are a healthy young person and the bidet would be for your personal or family use.                                                                                1 Is there any case that jet nozzle could touch user’s body?                                                                                                                                    2. Is that nozzle well protected from being contaminated by feces?                                                                                                                   3. When the selling companies are claiming about cleaning up of jet tube, do they mean using disinfectant, or just plain water?                                     4.  If they say that cleaning is done every 24 hours, you should have in mind that in the meantime somebody could infect the flash nozzle. Even if you intent to useit personally, you never know what could happen in. Disinfection must be easy and at hand in any case and time. A criterion for effectiveness is the bidet could get used on public toilets.                                                                                                                                          5. How somebody could be sure that a curious child would not play with the buttons causing a havoc?                                                                        6. How often the nozzle has to be cleaned up from water salts etc?                                                                                                                         7..Why most companies don't give guarantee time more than 3 ys ?                                                                                                                         8.Would you be able to clean up the toilet cover etc with water? Electrical bidets maybe do not allow that.                                                               9. Would it be as effective as a bidet with vertical water jet? (it is generally accepted, they are the more effective in clean up). VERTICAL jet ensures 100% effectiveness, no cloth wetting, no water splashing around.                                                                                                                              10. Would the bidet have control mechanism for jet, so to avoid surprise shock experience?                                                                                       11. How much time is needed for the hot (?) air to dry up the hairy region? Remember, here the area is not like your  hands                                           12. This one is of outmost importance for women and specially after child period. They, because of anatomical reasons, are in danger their genitalia could get spoiled  and infected by the spilled around water intermingled with feces and their microbes..This could be the result of the action of OBLIQUE water jets splashing on anus area. In bidets with VERTICAL jet and to their special flash nozzle the water jet direction is vertical, or better can be arranged to direct from forwards to backwards, so in no case their genitalia  could get spoiled.                                                                     13. Could a bidet be used in public toilets? That would mean that it is safely disinfected and so safe for you.                                                                14. You may know that it has been proved that warm water helps to increase numbers of dangerous microbes inside tubing or tanks. So think twice before looking for it. ( J UOEH. 2014 Jun 1;36(2):135-9. A survey on bacterial contamination of lavage water in electric warm-water lavage toilet seats and of the gluteal cleft after lavage.Katano H1Yokoyama K)  heated drain or tanks, as there are in some bidet types, help in cultivating numerous dangerous microbes.                                                                                                                                                                                             15.Is there a bidet which it renders warm water useless?                                                                                                                                    . 16.IS THERE A GUARANTEE AGAINST A POSSIBLY CATASTROPHIC WATER LEAK?                                                                                      17. Could clothing get wet, or water splash around? This is avoided when jet is VERTICAL.                                                                                         18. How much effort you need to put on for a good cleaning, without wetting your clothes?                                                                                       19. What is the comparative cost, and it’s relation to the offered services?                                                                                                                 20. Is the water jet exactly VERTICAL or more or less OBLIQUE?                                                                                                                       21.Using a bidet would you made to take an awkward positioning?                                                                                                                           22 How easy is installation? Would you need to change the bowl  lids, to install electric current, to use batteries?                                                       23.Which one will you let altogether free from toilet paper?

B. If you are a disabled or care for a disabled  person:   the same questions as before,  plus:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.Could the apparatus satisfactorily get functioning  by a blind or a person having mobility problem?                                                                                 2. How somebody could manipulate the so many buttons, that couldn’t, even see it, because of their place, especially when he has mobility problems?                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

   3. The water jet is exactly or about vertical? (You know that a small change in jet angle could send water at the wrong place in case  you are going to

                        use a toilet riser).                                                                                                                                                                                4. If you intent to add a toilet riser, you should ask whether the bidet and the riser could be combined.                                                                                5. If the patient could not leave the wheelchair the add on bidet must not prevent the chair to roll over the bowl.                                                                6. In case of a blind he needs a bidet that offers a 100% effectiveness, so not to worry about the result.                                                                        7. Is there a cheap bidet that meets the above requirements?


See also: the blog: bidets-americans.com. You can comment on it.:





* Why  KO BIDET  is unmatchedly efficient?
_Because it produces a vertical water jet with adjustable pressure. So no surprise shock for user.

*Why is it so cheap?
_ Because of its revolutionary design, that allows the simple construction by  cheap materials.


*Why so long warrantee is given?
_  Because simplicity of construction, in combination with use of  resistant materials, makes it not vulnerable.


*Why is it the only one that can be used in people which are using toilet risers, orwheelchairs with a pot?
_    Because of its exact vertical jet,, the position in basin and  the small size.


*Why it is placed on or removed from in minutes,   without affecting   the bowl or lid, almost like a usual toilet disinfectant?
_   Because of its revelutionary construction conception, which enabled it to get the international patent.

*Why we claim that the same apparatus can be used by  men and women to clean the anus and genitalia?

_ Because it has a simple mechanism in jet nozzle to change the direction of jet towards back or front.


* Why we claim that that even the cold water is not really felt?

_ Becouse of the vertical, steady in restricted body area acting thin water jet. Think of when you put your finger on cold water to try it, as compared with your whole hand.


* Why we say that KO BIDET never wets your clothes?

_ Because of the same as above reason. 


* Why we say that curious small children can not cause a propably damaging havoc in your bath or home?

_ Because the jet valve is not just a button to be easily pressed on, but a valve needing considerable strength to be turned on, 



*The jet hose never touches user's body because it is placed quite low in the bowl.

* sterilisation can be done easily at any time, as we wish, even in public toilets.

* using it is easy even with closed eyes.

*Using a small peace of paper or a towell is enough for drying up. (the very restricted and exactly targeted by water anus area, makes it possible to even avoid altogether any drying up). .

^ As it can easily be moved, no problem with cleaning the bowl under it.

* It Never LEAKS (when properly used of course).














The ability of people with disabilities to adequately care for their needs  after defecation, is obviously limited. This is solved in the best possible way with the use of KO BIDET. Its vertical water jet guarantees best cleanliness.
Even more, KO  BIDET is, thanks to its special features, maybe the only one that can "serve" people that are unabled to get off their wheelchair. (In this case the carriage CAN be dragged over the basin, becouse not any apparatus part hinders the wheelchair ).. Also  it can work in people using toilt riser.

In the same category are:
Disabled  people due  to accident, people suffering from Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, etc, heavy arthritis, ELDERLY, Alzheimer's disease, .

ELDERLY. Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ELDERLY

or unabled people can be greatly benefitted y the CO BIDET.The simplicity of use ,compared with others, is ideal for them, or their caring person. Shocking and dangerous surprises are not propable.















Here the KO BIDET is eminently useful. Its 100% cleaning effect is a key  factor in reducting or complete treating of hemorrhoids and anal itching. Furthermore it is known that the paper could cause allergy and  in itself sometimes cause hemorrhoids.

Inefficient wiping isn’t just gross in theory; if you don’t thoroughly clean yourself post-poo, experts say you run the risk of getting some pretty undesirable health problems.“Hemorrhoids are a big one, and these occur in people of all ages,” says John Cluley, M.D., a Texas-based gastroenterologist. And that’s not all. “Anal fissures can develop, and toilet paper is not beneficial for that. Pruritus ani is essentially itchy butt, and that can come from poor hygiene. And women are prone to getting a UTI if that area is not properly cleaned. If you’re a healthy person in general and you have poor butt health, any of those conditions can develop out of nothing.” He goes on to say that dry toilet paper just exacerbates these issues by irritating the sensitive area further.

And according to Allen Kamrava, M.D.—a colorectal surgeon at Cedars-Sinai—bidets are crucial for those with irritable bowel syndrome. In an interview with Yahoo!, he claims they’re key for keeping the good bacteria where they belong  and maintaining the area’s natural oils, which break down if you use dry toilet paper.

Bottom line, says Dr. Cluley: “Wiping without using your hand is best. Bidets get rid of the rubbing and spreading, and get you as clean as you should be.


SPASTIC COLITIS and Crohn's disease.
Frequent emptying makes it very useful.regarding economy. Also the unbearable burden of repeated baths, or irritating paper use, causes practical and psychological problems.












Their difficulty of these people to assess result after the use of paper, makes KO BIDET necessary, because here the effectiveness is guaranteed   100% and  so  optical confirmation  is unnecessary:


Pregnant women often develop hemorrhoids. Incomplete cleaning with toilet paper can cause urinary infection (eg, urinary tract infections). Even using bidets producing oblique, more or less, water jet, could transfer filthy staff to their genitalia.

The nursing mothers after natural delivery have an increased risk of local infection by smattering of paper. Moreover the cleanliness, because of their recent injuries, and pre-existing due to pregnancy, hemorrhoids, it is difficult and painful, either during bath or when using paper. And here the KO BIDET IS THE SOLUTION.


The major limitation of the mobility in patients with severe arthritis makes use of KO BIDET imperative.

OBESE PEOPLE .Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για obese


IT ELIMINATES DANGEROUS IN-HOSPITAL INFECTIONS. A weakened, after operational patient can not clean himself well with toilet tissue. So he is a possible microbe distributor in hospital..


The toilet paper is incompatible with ecology, health, economy, aesthetics and culture. Therefore, its future is uncertain.

                                    "The world will not change tomorrow, but will definitely change '


WHY THE TOILET PAPER are inconsistent with:

According to NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC 27000 trees are cut daily, only for manufacturing toilet paper. Furthermoreits its construction procedure requires high energy consumption and poses a problem of spreading dangerous substances (BPA, BPS).

The toilet paper in general hospitals, and because of its incomplete use by frail patients, but also because of germ diffusion by the discarded soiled paper pieces, could cause severe nosocomial  leathal infections.

The use of paper is a large, unnecessary expense.  Its cost is 200 - 400 euro  per year.


The process of toilet paper us is a highly UGLY story and of unsightly nature, and of course without discussion incompatible with aesthetics and civilization.


This is another side effect of toilet paper use.


KO BIDET ADVANTAGES derive from the simplicity of its construction, the vertical water jet, the positioninig at the basin and its small size.

No need  of screwdriver use at the apparatus installment.



There are three basic types.1.The ADD ON type, with many sub types.  2. The WASHLET HAND HELD TYPE.  3. THE STANDALONE TYPE.

1. The ADD ON types are the newer ones, have many subtypes, and interesting different characteristics. They are known also as combined bidets, or attachable bidets. They don’t need any space, as they are fixed the existent toilets. The water jet is produced inside the toilet bowl. They are divided mainly to:

          a. Those producing oblique water jet , fixed at the middle of back toilet rim or  the bowl lid They can be mechanically or electronically controlled. The flash tube is either fixed and stable or moving forwards and backwards, in and out, so the jet is less or more oblique. The electronic types  work with electric current, or by batteries and  are embodied in the toilet lid and have always moving flash tube. They can warm the  cold water stream passing through them and supply warm air for drying up. Some of them are remotely controlled.

         b. Those producing exactly vertical water jet : cold or hot, depending on their connection with cold or warm water supply. The apparatus is attached at the side rim, or the cover lids at their side.  The flash tube, at no use position, lies along and under the side, right or left, toilet rim. Always mechanically controlled.  At present time these types are very few. All bidet types can have thin or wide water jet.

  a. Oblique jet bidets:

Mechanically or electrically controlled, with fixed flash tube at back rim:                                             MECHANICALLY controlled:                        Advantages : Cheap.                                                                                                   Disadvantages :   . The more oblique jet reduces their cleaning efficacy, especially in hemorrhoids. There is: wide water splash around, danger of feces transfer to women genitalia, cloth wetting, unavoidable and unecessary widened watered body area, so cold sensation feeling is strong and much toilet paper for drying up is needed.

ELECTRONICALLY controlled, with in and out moving tube nozzle:                                                           Advantages: Luxurious, could warm the water stream passing through them and supply warm air for drying up and the seat lid, less oblique jet,  so less chance of above named dangers, eg. microbe transfer, water splash around, cloth wetting, less  or not toilet paper use.                                                                     Disadvantages : Complex in use, expensive, vulnerable. Warm water may harbor dangerous microbes ,. ( J UOEH. 2014 Jun 1;36(2):135-9. A survey on bacterial contamination of lavage water in electric warm-water lavage toilet seats and of the gluteal cleft after lavage. Katano H1, Yokoyama K). In  some cases basin cleaning by water is not possible, because of the electric current.                      

 b.     Vertical jet bidets.                                                                                                                       Advantages : Thanks to  the exact vertical water jet, more effective in cleaning up. Nozzle tube under side rim at no use position, so never could get spoiled by feces, might be cheap or expensive, easily disinfected, very restricted watered body area, so almost zero cold water sensation and  less or not at all toilet paper use for drying up , not around splash water, no cloth wetting, no danger for women genitalia infection, especially after child birth.  Possibility , in some types, to  be able to get applied to raised toilets and even in cases of persons using wheelchair with a pot, approp