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KO BIDET. The cheapest is also the best. VERTICAL water jet, so: 1.It is 100% effective, 2.Thanks to its VERTICAL WATER JET it doesn't push filthy water to uro-genitalia, as the majority of other bidets do.

3.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around.4.It makes the dangerous, for microbe harboring, hot water heated topically, useless. 5.Money, space and time saving. 6. It is the only one that can be used with toilet risers and wheel chairs. 7. Easily installed. It is just sticking on the bowl. No tools.. 8.Only 3 the steps to use 9.It never eaks. Recuperation in 2 months.       We look for distributors.   




The apparatus with the pumping parts you have to buy . 1.The angle valve 1/2'' and 3/8".  2. the tee 1/2", 1/2", 1/2".3. the nippel mall-male (maybe needed)
The apparatus without the plumping parts.( as it is sold).
Price:27 euro (usd 33). Free shipping etc. 
Payment: prepay by bank account: Piraeus Bank: ar.5275-082508-985. IBAN GR24 O172 2750 005275082508 985. SWIFT: PIRGRAA. Name: ZISIS KONTOGOUNIS. 
For wholesale prices for more than 10 pieces  contact us.
For orders:
Give ( with the lid raised) dimensions  ab, ac, EZ  (see fig. above) of side rim cut.
Give the distance between the water supply valve and the RIGHT
t (as we sit on the bowl) middle point of the bowl rim, not in straight line, in order we could calculate the lenth of the tube which will connect water supply valve and the apparatus..
To order, fill out the following form : 
In the message field put dimensions of your toilet, or any question, etc. We will be happy to respond and answer to anything we can
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price:22 all included (shipment, taxes, bank expences). 


Payment in advance through PIREUS BANK, Kozani, Macedonia, Greece. Bank account : no  5275-082508-985.  IBAN  GR2401722750005275082508 985  SWIFT PIRGRAA