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KO BIDET. The cheapest is also the best. VERTICAL water jet, so: 1.It is 100% effective, 2.Thanks to its VERTICAL WATER JET it doesn't push filthy water to uro-genitalia, as the majority of other bidets do.

3.It never wets cloths, or does not  splash water around.4.It makes the dangerous, for microbe harboring, hot water heated topically, useless. 5.Money, space and time saving. 6. It is the only one that can be used with toilet risers and wheel chairs. 7. Easily installed. It is just sticking on the bowl. No tools.. 8.Only 3 the steps to use 9.It never eaks. Recuperation in 2 months.       We look for distributors.   











Fig. A.  The apparatus picture as it is sold..






Fig. B. The apparatus with its pluming parts you need to buy from your local shop. 1. angle valve, 1/2", 3/4". 2. tee 1/2", 1/2" 1/2". 3. nipple male both sides.








 Fig.F. The  apparatus as it is seen from inside with the cap down..
The plump components.














Fig. G.  The apparatus as seen from outside with the lid up.


fig.Q   Stabilization by duct tape.




   Installation instructions.


Τhere are two stages in the proccess  of installation:                                                                                                                                                                       A.  Intsallment of apparatus itself, fig.A, B, F, G, Q

                                 B.    . Its connection with the mains, fig. F.



                            A.     The apparatus installment. The three steps to it. 


     1.   The apparatus sits, saddle like, on bowl's RIGHT rim (as we are sitting on the bowl), fig. F, fig. G, at  the same way as a usual disinfectant. Thanks to its aluminum frame, it can be adjusted to rim’s shape at the position that suits us. The best distance of flash nozzle, when at function position, from the middle   of back rim is usually between 8 and 14 cm. (it can be more or less). 

 2. fig. Q shows how we stabilise the apparatus, by using duct tape  or cellophane straps. The vertical  strap is about 10 cm in length, and the horizontal ones about 25 cm. 

Our aim is to stabilise the apparatus in a position that the elastic curve 29, Fig.A, and the jet wand 27, fig. A, with the nozzle, move freely and particularly the wand horizontally, not hinderd by bowl's wall, when we pull the thread in order to get the app. in a use position.

*We care lid's pad not to coincide with apparatus. Final and full stabilisation is offered by toilet lip, when we put it down.We NEVER test or use the apparatus with the lid up.   

* On the video we are talking about a wire inserted on the bowl holes or the canal , where from the water comes out. By increasing the number of duct tapes, we think right to omitt it, as not necessary.


  3.   On the external surface of toilet bowl, fig.  G, Q, at the end of the thread, there is connected a small plastic cone covered with a female piece of velcrome and accordingly a male one, which  we stick on bowl’s surface in such a place so, when we pull the thread-cone and stick it, the metal wand  emerges at about the center inside the bowl, always at the same point.

At first testing we take care that all tube parts carrying the water are NOT BLOCKED, particularly the elastic tube 29, fig. A at its curving.


  To regulate water’s jet  on every day’s use, we use ONLY valve 41, fig. F, which we open up  gradually.


* Elastic tube  before turning ON the walve 41, we are sure is not pressed or blocked by anything, or curved abruptly in a narrow angle. .



B. Connexion with  house mains.                                                                     1. Fig. F shows  the plumping parts and the way they are connected with. 

2. Α different way of connection is at the point where the mains are connected at the tank, with the same order.



 HOW TO USE IT (see video).

1.  After defecation we pull the plastic thread. and  stick the male velcro on the female piece, fig. Q.The Aluminum Tube 27 comes out, at bowl's center.   
  2. We open slowly the water valve 41,fig F. The vertical washing jet is produced.            3. We turn off the water valve,41 and let free the plastic thread.  Nozzle wand 27, returns automatically to the standby position under the side rim.